CS85 Home Alarm Systems Remote Control Wifi GSM

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CS85 Home Alarm Systems Remote Control Wifi GSM
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Place Of Origin: China
Model Number: CS85
Special Features: Remote Control
Working Voltage: 110 ~ 230VAC
Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ 60℃
Working Humidity: ≤ 95%
Product Size:: 185*125*25mm
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Place of Origin: China
Model Number: CS85
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Product Description

CS85 home alarm systems wifi gsm

Product Description

Master core technology and care for safe life,Intelligent Volume identification

Multiple notifications, do not miss every alarm

6 sets of preset alarm calls, 2 sets of preset alarm short messages, multiple alarm notifications, do not miss each alarm

Regularly deploy and remove defense, and solve the worries with one click

Built-in 4 groups of regular deployment and removal, automatic burglary on time, say goodbye to the old-fashioned alarm every day cumbersome settings.

Time is set according to customer requirements.

Recording message function

Before going out to work, touch the host to record and leave a message, which can record for 10 seconds

Built-in call function

No wiring is needed, which is more beautiful. It can remotely monitor the scene and shout to the scene to frighten illegal intruders.

Built-in siren, alarm sound is terrifying

The alarm sound of the host siren is as high as over 110 decibels, which is deafening and can effectively prevent and remove illegal intruders.

One-Click help button

When an alarm occurs, press SOS for emergency help, and the host will immediately tweet in a high voice on the spot, and call the phone to send a text message to inform the user.

Linkage alarm is safer and multi-function can be expanded

100 sets of wireless defense zones, can learn 100 detectors, can protect 100 areas, and meet various environmental requirements.

1. PIR infrared volume identification
2. Door magnetic
3. Remote control
4. SOS urgent help
5. Outdoor Red Line
6. Acousto-optic siren
7. Sound and light smoke
8. Flooding
9. Doorbell

Wireless pet protection PIR detector

Pet prevention: can prevent false positives from pets under 25kg

Alarm principle: when infrared is sensed, it will automatically transmit wireless signals to the host, and the host will immediately make phone calls or send short messages to users.

Daily remote control deployment defense

Deploy/remove defense, one click, easy to use, switch the protection mode at will.

1 organize a defence
2 Left-behind defense
3 Disarm
4 Urgent help

Product Details

1 Display screen
2 Microphone


4 Release alarm
5 Built-in Horn


7 SOS for help
8 Numeric keyboard

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