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    In 2003:
  • Shenzhen Sinda Technology Co.,Ltd.a pioneer GSM manufacturer,was establised.
    In 2004:
  • First-genaration GSM alarm system modeled PH-G-1 was born to make us a first manufacturer of GSM alarm systems across Shenzhen,and honorly awarded the title of member of Shenzhen Security Association.
    In 2005:
  • The company entered into long-term cooperation with Ping'An Bank which is formerly named Commercial Bank of Shenzhen, for ATM use mainly.
    In 2006:
  • Our GSM alarm host in multi-language version have been presented on market to satisfy requirements from broader oversea markets,exporting to more than 100 countries & regions so far,domestically & internationally.
  • Domestically,the company has established reliable cooperation with Guizhou branch,Hunan branch,China Mobile & China Unicom to monitor the remote power base station by model G10.
    In 2007:
  • The manufacturing base has been moved to Tongfuyu Industrial Zone due to the 100% annual growth of sales performance.By doing so,the company has started a new strategic plan that targets to digital high-end products to create a Chinese famous brand,PATROL HAWK,in GSM alarm sector under unique & high efficient management.
  • The same year,China South Power Grid subordinating to China National Power Bureau,power grid from the Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has been installed our G30,transformer intruder alarm system.Also,our products modeled PH-G-3 have been used in some military areas of PLA ,People Liberation Army of China,say,military base from Erdos City in Noth China's Inner Monglolia Autonomous Region,and military unit from PLA 65136.
    In 2008:
  • Shenzhen Sinda Technology Co.,Ltd. was born after assets reorgnized by Hongkong Sinda Technology Co.,Ltd. which is aimed at oversea business and boosting our brand internationally.
  • The same year,the company has launched a new marketing strategy by improving speed,punctuality,scale to broaden our oversea market presense globally.
  • Base station from Tangshan Branch in Tangshan City,North China's Hebei Province,has installed our model G10, also,used in a famous security company from South China's Jiangxi Province.
  • Globally,security companies from Russia,Phillipines,Malaysia,Austrilia have been establised long-term strategic business cooperation with us.
    In 2009:
  • Alarm host from SINDA has awarded in 12th annual CPSE,and become one of the member of China Security Association once more.
  • Domestically,oil filed from city of Daqing,Shengli has installed model PH-G-3.
  • Globally,long-term strategic business cooperation has been inked from countries like U.K.,Italy,Frence,Turkey,India & Parkistan,etc.
    In 2010:
  • A new manufacturing base is under the plan.
  • Additionally, the company is aiming at the 10 times high-speed growth within 3 years from now on by presenting another brand-new model AD3000 which is use to monitor current,voltage,temperature,humidity,etc.
  • In September,the official security cooperation between SHENZHEN SINDA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD & KENYA POWER & LIGHTING CO.,LTD. have been inked by taking the opportunity of their visit.
  • Up to the date,the company has made a great contribution to the development of domestic alarming industry by its unswerving pursuit.
    Last but not the least,we are seeking for greater perfection by having made the high criteria of management as per 7S standard to lay a solid foundation for a No. 1 enterprise in alarming sector by improving 1% every day guided by No.1 quality & service.
  • Bosom friends beyond borders.We warmly welcome friends home & abroad to visit our company to negotiate business as well as potential cooperation.
  •  24 Hours Service
    Product List>> GSM House Alarm System
    Smart Touch Alarm System PH-G2
    Name:Smart Touch Alarm System PH-G2
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    Smart Touch Alarm System 62011252816
    Smart Burglar Alarm System G1
    Name:Smart Burglar Alarm System G1
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    The professional security alarm system manufacturer & solution provider 102413303616
    GSM Door Opener
    Name:GSM Door Opener
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    a Authorization mode Can preset 99 groups cell phone numbers only the 99 groups cell phone numbers can control the GSM door opener b Non authorization mode Any one of the cell phone numbers can control the GSM door opener 81314205616
    GSM Smart Home Alarm System G1
    Name:GSM Smart Home Alarm System G1
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    GSM Home Alarm systems with 12 wiereless zones 2 wired zones can set each zone as independent zone the sos alarm can be siren on or off model smart and multi-function can protect your house and office 11514412316
    GSM safe house alarm system 300x
    Name:GSM safe house alarm system 300x
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    Color LCD screen keypad with blue background light Maximum 24 wireless zone 62015125816
    GSM Home Alarm System G11
    Name:GSM Home Alarm System G11
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    English language SMS and voice reminder Chinese/Russian are optional; Each zone has independent arm/disarm functions;2 wired zones and 12 wireless zones 81814452916
    GSM Home Alarm System G50B
    Name:GSM Home Alarm System G50B
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    Color LCD screen keypad with blue background lightMaximum 24 wireless zones including 1 wireless SOS zone 1 wireless fire alarm zone and one 1 external power failure alarm zone GSM alarm system LCD display alarm systembest alarm system security alarm systemalarm system manufacturer 72616213116
    GSM alarm systems G12
    Name:GSM alarm systems G12
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    8 wireless zones 1 wireless SOS zone 1 wireless fire alarm zone and the other 6 wireless zones can be definded by user Can Auto-dial 3 phone No while alarming 5222311516
    GSM Home Alarm System G10E & G10EA
    Name:GSM Home Alarm System G10E & G10EA
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    9 wireless guarding zones 1 SOS alarm zone 1 fire alarm zone 1 external power failure alarm zoneArm/disarm by wireless keyboard remote controller SMS or remote telephone/mobile phone 522215616
    GSM Alarm System G20E & G20EA
    Name:GSM Alarm System G20E & G20EA
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    With LCD color show screen and keyboard on the host 11 wireless guarding zones Auto-dial 3 preset phone numbers and monitor alarm site G20
    ATM Alarm Host PH-G-ATM
    Name:ATM Alarm Host PH-G-ATM
    Type:GSM House Alarm System
    ATM Alarm Host PH-G-ATM PH-G-ATM


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